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National I

03 July

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Summer Breeze

by Alexandros Rellos  Fiction 15’ Greece

A recently divorced middle-aged man receives a smartphone from his daughter and reconnects with the first love of his life who asks him to meet 

Photo 2 Ive_always_wanted_to_see_a_martian-3.jpg

I've always wanted to see a martian

by Smaragda Nitsopoulou Fiction 5’ Greece

An astronaut finds herself stranded on a foreign planet. Her initial fear gives way to an insatiable need to experience this new planet with all her senses. The astronaut tries to find her footing between the urge to conquer and surrender.

Photo 3 not_tomorrow_still_3.jpg

Not Tomorrow 

by Amerissa Basta Fiction 20’ Greece

Michalis has barely 24 hours to redefine his life and make up for his close ones. That same night he meets a girl. He only wishes that the morning never comes.

Photo 2 11.20_A.M._STILL_5.jpg

11:20 AM

by Dimitris Nakos Fiction 14’  Greece

Olga, a domestic worker originally from Albania, will be in a house she works in downtown Athens, at the right time. Or at the wrong one?


Pledging the Sun

by Chrisanthos Margonis Fiction 17’ Greece

A middle-aged man living in the countryside is trapped by a failed business project and has lost connection with people around him. A local festival will be an opportunity for him to understand that it may not be too late to reconnect with reality.

Photo 3 Airhostess-737_6.3.1.jpg


by Thanasis Neofotistos Fiction 16’ Greece

On a Boeing-737 a 39-y.o. flight attendant, Vanina, tries hard to hide her, obvious, discomfort. Everyone seems genuinely worried about her while she goes on complaining about her new braces. She blames her mother for not taking care of her teeth when she should. However, her colleagues know; this plane carries her mother's dead body to her hometown. When the turbulence become threatening, Vanina faces an urgent need to see her mother in what proves to be a last chance for reconciliation.

Photo 3 agathi_still_08.jpg


by Alexander Stamatiadis Fiction 9’ Greece  


In a remote gas station in the heart of winter, a place where time stands still, three strangers cross paths and reshape time in their own way. An audiovisual journey that explores masculine hypersensitivity in a conservative and religious rural Greece.

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