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Anna by Dekel Berenson 14:59  Ukraine / Israel / UK


Ashmina by Dekel Berenson 14:59 Nepal / UK

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Dekel Berenson is originally from Israel and completed a mandatory  three-year service in the Israeli Defense Forces. In 2001 he went abroad  to pursue his education, eventually acquiring a Masters in  International Relations from the Central European University in Budapest in 2006, receiving the Best Thesis Award and graduating first in his class. Moving forward, the next ten years of his work in writing, activism, and graphic design took him all over the world, where he  explored more than sixty countries. Over the past three years, he has combined his two passions, making artistic films of high quality that bring to light real-world social and humanitarian issues. His 2nd film Ashmina won several prizes, including the Best Short Film award at the 59th Krakow Film Festival and Best Live Action Short at the 36th Jerusalem Film Festival. His 3rd film, Anna, premiered in competition at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival. He is currently working on his first feature.

Beautiful Loser Maxime Roy  24:30 France


Sole Mio by Maxime Roy 22’ France

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Born in 1988, Maxime Roy discovers the Cinema at 18 years old, thanks to a friend’s father, projectionist in a theater, in Paris. A revelation. He directs a first student short film, 1895, a Franz Kafka short story adaptation and starts an actor’s workshop with which he then directs a collective feature, Même pas mal, available on VOD through Universciné. For several years, he teaches writing and directing at the cinema school ESRA and also worked as a Director of Photography for several short films and independent features. In 2018, he realises his first short produced by TS Productions, Beautiful loser, written with François Créton. The film is drawn from the personal story of his co-writer and narrates the struggle of an old drug addict as he becomes father at 50 years old. ARTE will broadcast this short film and the channel already bought his next project, Sole Mio, written with Gall Gaspard. This new project is also drawn from his co-writer’s life and talks about a working-class family of whom the father becomes transgender at the age of 50. He currently develops with the same production company his first long feature, Les Héroïques who received a fund from the CNC for writing.

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