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Environment and Architecture

Photo 1 _Thomas_Wong03_I-TALK.jpg

In Awe of Space

by Jia  Li 12' Documentary I China

"Our journey is the sea of stars" sounds like the opening line of a science fiction novel. When you finally arrive at the entrance of the Shanghai Planetarium after driving 80 kilometers from downtown Shanghai, the dream journey is just beginning. Overlooking Shanghai Planetarium is like watching the movement of stars in the universe. There are no right angles, and the smooth arcs are like the movements of stars, trying to echo the geometry of the universe. Step inside and you will encounter the unspeakable mysteries of the stars and the universe. "We're not writing a textbook, we're creating an experience," says Thomas Wong, principal architect of the Shanghai Planetarium.

Photo 5 YCAME5.jpg

You Can’t Automate Me

by Katarina Jazbec  20'  Netherlands Documentary

Before container-ships leave port, lashers secure the containers using heavy metal bars. They are the last port workers to do such dangerous jobs surrounded by self-driven vehicles and remotely operated cranes. Each body tells its own story: from grieving for a colleague who died on the job to just keep going. Stowaway animals appear as visions of a more natural world.

Photo 5 Screen_Shot_2019-08-15_at_11.50.18.jpg

Next Sunday

by Marta Bogdanska 18’

Documentary I Poland

"Next Sunday" explores the encounters between a group of teenage bikers with a modernist architectural gem, designed by Oscar Niemeyer, in Lebanon. The lively energy & search for freedom bring the modern concrete ruin to life, and give it new subversive meanings

Photo 1 Socrate_Still2.jpg

Therefore, Socrates is Mortal

by Alexandre Isabelle  12’ Fiction Canada

Facing the climate crisis, Louise, a philosophy teacher, turns words into action

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Piko and Brunatny

by Przemek Węgrzyn

12’ Experimental I Poland

A narrow strip of territory between three countries in the middle of Europe is almost entirely occupied by highly devastating for the environment, brown coal opencast mine. Surprisingly, the place is also known for being a methamphetamine production center.

Photo 3 Lower_Grand2-copy.jpg

Lower Grand

by Jeff Dorer 10’ Documentary United States

The secret life of a street known from its numerous appearances in movies, television shows and commercials. Lower Grand chronicles the uneven recovery after the Great Recession through the aspect of this filmic setting. Depending which side you're on, its portals are a window on the upper crust of American society or its lower depths.

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13 Square Meters

by Ayham Dalal, Kamil Bembnista 15’ Jordan


In 2015, Berlin received thousands of refugees over night. To accommodate them, new types of refugee camps called “Tempohomes” were constructed, and new typologies of shelter were designed. 

Photo 1 2_0016_Captura_de_pantalla_2021-04-22_a_las_9.36.25.png.jpg

Sensual  Pill 

by Sam3 Documentary 4’ Greece


A magnetic animation-documentary, using Google Earth satellite facilities to travel worldwide during the pandemic era. Epic music by the Athenian Kostadis.  

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