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Psarokokalo collaborates with the Amarcort Film Festival born in Rimini (Italy) in 2008.

The only festival dedicated to Federico Fellini, which takes place in his hometown.

With the aim of promoting the circulation of short films in the EU.

Amarcort [ Trailer ]

Amarcort [ Trailer ]

FILM STILL_Natalie Musteata_(The Appoint

The Appointment

by Alexandre Singh 19:50 United Kingdom


In this playful, supernatural tale by visual artist Alexandre Singh, a curmudgeonly novelist, Henry Salt, wakes from a nightmare to find a troubling entry in his diary: 12 o’clock at the restaurant ‘La Folie’.

Nervosa still 3.JPG


by Thessa Meijer 12:41 Netherlands

Jade lives with her friends Rex and Bo in a seclu-ded mobile home, surrounded by a dense conifer hedge. At first sight, it seems like a normal frien-dship, but soon it turns out to be more like a ho-stage situation.


The ice cubes

by Sara Dufossé 10:25 Belgium

On a sunny spring day, Louise wakes up with a violent toothache. Her lightning pain is not going away whatever she does. At the same time, her ex-fianché Jerome decides to pay her a visit.


Border Crossing

by Agnieszka Chmura 15:01 Poland

Humming, sluggish summer of 1989. A car with a caravan reaches the Czechoslovakian-Polish border and joins a long queue. Enclosed in a small space, a family bicker as the atmosphere thickens. In the back seat, a little girl is absorbed by the world of nature. With her, we wade into the incomprehensible world of the adults, glimpsing a fear that grows as they approach the border

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