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Ice Merchants 

by João Gonzalez 14' Portugal 

Every day, a father and his son jump with a parachute from their vertiginous cold house, attached to a cliff, to go to the village on the ground, far away where they sell the ice they produce daily.

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An End to War Enough

by Simone Massi 5' Italy 

A world without war is another utopia that we cannot wait any longer

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Christopher at Sea

by Tom CJ Brown 15' France

After embarking as a passenger onboard a cargo ship returning to Europe he begins to question his sanity and the very understanding of his perception of time in this romantic psychological thriller at sea. After a brief encounter with one of the shipmates, James, Christopher settles into life on board the ship. His life quickly falls into a routine that shapes his day-to-day existence, mirroring the monotony of the ship’s passage through open waters.

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by Zora Kovac 8' United States

After an agoraphobic scientist accidentally creates a baby-like plant creature, their connection threatens to upend his reclusive way of life.

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Tiger Stabs Tiger

by Jie Shen 21' China

Irreversible penetrations, repeated collisions, intense touches and adhesions…bring both life and death.

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The Garbage Man

by Laura Gonçalves 12' Portugal

On a hot August afternoon, the family gathered at the table remembers uncle Botão: the Colonial War, emigration to France, where he lived and worked thirty years as a garbage man. Memories of each are crossed to tell the story of a man who lived a hard life through humor and fantasy, like when he returned to Belmonte, in a van full of trash, turned into a real treasure.

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Greek Week End, Cuckoo Clocks and Spring

by Eloïc Gimenez 2' France

"Greek Week-end, Cuckoo Clocks and Spring" questions the poetics of natural elements by featuring enigmatic expressions from different parts of the world. This short film is dedicated to some Greek expressions

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Well Wishes My Love, Your Love

by Gabriel Gabriel Garble 9' Malaysia, Sweden


Newly orphaned and freshly wounded from an immense loss, a boy lends his companion a prosthetic arm for the day. The companion would then expose the prosthetic limb to a mélange of textures and materials, whilst documenting the whole process. As the moon inches closer and closer towards the sun, the boy sees something unusual reflected on the water's surface... What will become of the limb, and what will become of the video recordings?



by Leo Černic 7' Italy

 It's not so easy to be a hero. But you, Pentola, you are my superhero.

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by Raphaëlle Stolz in collaboration with Augusto Zanovello 14’ Fiction I Switzerland

In the 1930s, a village in South America wanted to inaugurate its cemetery. Unfortunately, no one died in the village. So the mayor published a small advertisement in the region: “Looking for a corpse for the inauguration of the Miracasas cemetery”. Freshly murdered, Ernesto is the lucky one and takes part in his carnival funeral in spite of himself. The gathered villagers celebrate the event with passion, so intrigued by the idea of death that they put life aside.

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by Mauro Carraro 8' Fiction

Switzerland - Italy

My old friend Walter has been living in his truck, Caronte, with his dog Rogna Rogna for eight years now. In an interview, he opens the doors of his four-wheeled home and tells us the stories of his adventurous life.

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On The Surface

by Fan Sissoko 4' Fiction I Iceland

A young Black woman goes swimming in the Icelandic sea and reflects on her experience of raising a child in a country that feels nothing like home. As she enters the freezing water, she relives her traumatic pregnancy. Being in the wild and facing her fears is helping her heal..

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