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Best Animation


by Hugo Covarrubias I Fiction I Chile

Based on true events, "Bestia" explores the life of a secret police agent during the military dictatorship in Chile. Her relationship with her dog, her body, her fears and frustrations reveal a grim fracture of her mind and of the country.

Photo 4 ONCE_THERE_WAS_A_SEA___small_still_11.jpg

Special Mention HumanitarianFilm4Climate

Once there was a sea... 

by Joanna Kozuch I Fiction - Animation I Poland – Slovenia

Most of the changes in climate and landscape in the area of the Aral Sea are the outcomes of one of the worst man-made eco-catastrophes in human history. The Aral Sea is dying. Inspired by the place on the borders of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan and the stories and destinies of the people that the director has met when she was exploring the disaster of Aral Sea

Photo 2 InFlowofWords_-_Still_02.jpg

Best Documentary

In A Flow of Words

by  Eliane Esther Bots I Netherlands

In Flow of Words follows the narratives of three interpreters of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. They interpreted shocking testimonies from witnesses, victims and perpetrators, without ever allowing their own emotions, feelings and personal histories to be present. Contrary to their position at the tribunal, this film places their voices and experiences center stage.

Photo 4 Still_Ghosts_11.jpg

Special Mention Irini

Ghosts of Moria

by Florian Elabdi, Michael Graversen 

Documentary Ι Denmark

“Ghosts of Moria” is a story from one location, the burnt-out Moria camp. It’s a universal story about how to survive in a post-apocalyptic universe, where human warmth and friendship are as precious as copper wiring—and as rare.

Photo 2 YCAME2.jpg

Best film Environment and Architecture

You can't automate me

by Katarina Jazbec Documentary I Netherlands 

Before container-ships leave port, lashers secure the containers using heavy metal bars. They are the last port workers to do such dangerous jobs surrounded by self-driven vehicles and remotely operated cranes. Each body tells its own story: from grieving for a colleague who died on the job to just keep going. Stowaway animals appear as visions of a more natural world.

Photo 4 2_0007_Captura_de_pantalla_2021-04-14_a_las_23.32.21.png.jpg

Special Mention Environment and Architecture

Sensual  Pill 

by Sam3 Documentary I Greece


A magnetic animation documentary, using Google Earth satellite facilities to travel worldwide during the pandemic era. Epic music by the Athenian Kostadis.  

Photo 9 HDE_5.jpg

 Best Belgian Short Film

Crotch stories

by Myleine Guiard-Schmid I Animation - Documentary


You will give birth in pain. Why? Are there other stories? Because birth does not always rhyme with pain.  Crotch stories transmit a new imaginary : women who are on their way to reclaiming their bodies and their labors


Best Greek Short Film

Brutalia days of labour

by Manolis Mavris I Fiction 

Perfectly identical girls in military uniforms, work day and night. A matriarchal and oligarchic society. What would happen if we replaced bees with humans? Anna observes the universe of her hive. Not being able to consent to the violence that surrounds her, she will have to make a radical decision.

At the Aeroport.jpg

Special Mention Greek Comedy

At The Airport

by Michalis Mathioudakis I Fiction 

In a small greek island, Prokopis is the only employee of the local airport.


Special Mention With Emphasis on Diversity

Love, Dad

by Diana Cam Van Nguyen

Documentary I Czech Republic

She finds letters full of love her dad wrote her 15 years ago. Now she fights to get that love back..

Photo 1 Rehearsal01.jpg

Best Film International Fiction


by Michael Omonua I Fiction I Nigeria

​How do you stage a miracle healing? Boundaries dissolve between church and theatre, faith and credibility.


Egungun - still 1.jpg

Best Film With Emphasis on Diversity


by Olive Nwosu I Fiction I Nigeria I United States

Seeking healing, a woman must return to Lagos, the city of her birth.

Photo 5 amygdala_still8.jpg

Best Cinematography Greek Short Film


by Maria Hatzakou Fiction I Greece

Two sisters, Anna and Melina spend the last days of the summer in their vacation house outside of Athens. Anna is having a party to celebrate her birthday and her passage to adulthood. Soon she will be off to college leaving her little sister behind. She has invited Maria, her crush, to spend the day with her by the pool and organise the party. Melina obsessively loves and admires her older sister and wants badly to be part of her world. She is not invited to the party. But she sets her mind to it, making this night for her sister a bloody night to remember.


Best Cinematography


by Xochitl Enriquez Mendoza 15' Mexico

Catalina submits to the tradition of her people, “La Baláhna”, to demonstrate her purity and worth as a woman to her beloved, but her body betrays her and she fails to demonstrate her chastity. What future awaits Catalina in the face of a syncretic love that rejects her?.

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