Laughing at the Movies



Who needs a laugh more than now?  Answer: all of us! 

Extra Flavour

by Carlos Abascal  Peiró  8:30 France

Program: International  [1]

Joachim is a very average man in his sixties. But he hides an obsession... or even two to be precise. He can't help but stare at the men who go to the gym across the street from his house while he devours pickles. When a new jar, "easy opening" won't open, his world turns upside down!

Los Bengalas

by David Valero Simón 20:00 Spain

Program: International [2]

"The Flares", an orchestra formed by four retired friends, have been playing at small villages festivals for over 30 years. But this year, something has changed.


by Quentin Papapietro 17:10  France

Program: International 3

While their game of tennis first looked as uninteresting and boring as usual, Pierrick and Alexis, two thirty years old men whom you wouldn’t call athletes, suddenly find themselves incredibly gifted players. As their final rally seems to last forever, they cannot leave the court, preventing other players from playing.

My Kippah

by Ilan Rosenfeld 16:35  Spain

Program: International Competition [5]

An opportunistic thief is interested in stealing a Sefer Torah valued at 100,000 euros. His plan goes into crisis when he discovers that he is a Jew.

To the bone 

by Sébastien Betbeder 30:00 France

Program: International [5]

Thomas came to Amiens to follow Rebecca who, after a little while, left him. Alone in the town of Macron, with a job as as a local journalist that bores him to death, Thomas tries to get over his depression. Just at this moment, he's asked to write a portrait of Usé: unavoidable local figure, atypical musician and former candidate in the municipal elections. Journeying through the city and through Usé's life, surrendering to a night of drunkenness, the two men will get to know each other.

My little china girl

by Sam Azulys 29:22 France

Program: International [6]

Alex a young designer and a dreamer falls for his new neighbor Lili, a beautiful Asian girl. Too shy to approach her, Alex secretly observes her and quickly discovers her secret: Lili does not come from China but from far far away…