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Focus Colombia [ Trailer ]

Focus Colombia [ Trailer ]

Photo 1 10Baja.jpg

Son of Sodom

by Theo Montoya 15:00 Documentary

In August 2017, I chose Camilo Najar, known as Son of Sodom in the social networks, to be the main character of my first feature film. That casting delved around his life, his sexuality, the future he saw for himself and drugs. A week later, aged 21, he died from a heroin overdose. Who was Son of Sodom?

Photo 2 Sol_del_llano-_2.jpg

Sol del llano

by Manuela Irene Espitia 20:00 Fiction

Immersed in the natural landscape of the Colombian plains, Meli (9) will seek a way to pull her mother out of her emotional crisis

Photo 1 still_5.jpg

It's All the Salt's Fault

 by María Cristina Pérez 10:00 Animation

The youngest daughter of a family of sloths rebuilds her parents' and three siblings' story. Behind the human normality of a family, the wild spirit appears in everyday life's details, turning everything into untameable memories.

Photo 1 Imagen.jpg

Between You and Milagros

by Mariana Saffon 20:00 Fiction

15 year-old Milagros' world still revolves around her mother's affection. This summer an unexpected encounter with death will make her question her own existence

Photo 2 Fauces-_Still_1.jpg

The Void of Maws

by Mauricio Maldonado 15:43 Fiction

On the foggy slopes of mysteriously deserted roads, Deivis, an isolated teenager finds an accidented body. A young man that belongs to the world of the dead, will be the only bridge to find a group of people that will put an end to his loneliness. The longing for a new family as a dream of times gone by.

Photo 7 9.jpg

This is not a story about China

by Francisca Jiménez 15:17 Experimental

This Mockumentary is the appropriation of a war archive that narrates the story of Colombia’s invasion of China. The facts of this “false story” are developed by a woman, a fictional character who narrates from her own experience the event that apparently took place in 1984. This fiction is built from the relationship between symbols such as nationalism, heroism, homeland decay, and the subjective and narrative representation of the Colombian armed conflict.

Photo 4 STILL_05.jpg

The Size of Things

Carlos Felipe Montoya 12:00 Fiction

Diego lives with his father in a house without things, without furniture, without anything. One day he finds a chair deep in the woods and desire of possession arises. Diego takes the chair back home but the father disagrees and orders him to return it. Atnight, the father recognizes the boy ́s feeling of dearth and allows Diego to bring the chair again. Diego returns to the forest but something has happened, something really big. He can ́t bring the chair this time.

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