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International 4 [ Trailer ]

International 4 [ Trailer ]

Photo 3 SoWhatIfTheGoatsDie_3.jpg

So What If The Goats Die

by Sofia Alaoui 20:00 France

High in the Atlas Mountains, the young shepherd Abdellah and his father are hemmed in by snow at their goat pen. Their animals are wasting away. Abdellah must go to find supplies at a market village more than a day's walk away. When he arrives with his mule, he finds the village abandoned due to a strange event that has wreaked havoc on the lives of all believers.

Photo 5 TROUNOIR5.jpg

Black Hole

by Tristan Aymon 29:00 Switzerland

When young skateboarder Vincent meets a vulnerable animal at the bottom of a hole, the encounter will get him to confront his own fears of the unknown.

Photo 1 --01.jpg

Growing Pains

by LIN, Po-Yu 25:00 Taiwan

Growing Pains is a film based on a true story from the director’s past.

Fourteen-year-old Yao is sick of his worn-out shoes, which his father never replace for being too deep in debt. One day, after a confrontation with debt collectors, his father suddenly buys him a pair of expensive sneakers. Little did Yao know, this is the start of a painful tragedy.

Photo 3 YES_LucaFerri_still_03.jpg


by  luca ferri 19:00 Italy

A middle-aged man in his living room is watching the creation of the cosmos through a gallery of encyclopedic images where the human being is never present, except for some of his works, ruins or activities. He falls asleep, lulled by the vision of an advertisement that features a woman, and finds himself in an awful nightmare where he witnesses the hunting of some polar bears by arctic hunters. All the while, two pieces of contemporary music by the composer Dario Agazzi and a text inspired by a childhood memory of the director related to a suicidal event, suggest us to “write once, erase twice”.

Photo 1 LBC_1.jpg

The good Friend

by Nicolas Keteil 30:00 France

A father tries to cope with the unravelling of his family after his son witnesses an accident.

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