Fiction II

4.6.2022 21:00
Bios Cinematheque

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by Siiri Halko 20’ Finland

Nesting is a story about Veikka (20), who is about to leave his work place, a construction site owned by Kari (50), to start a new life in the big city. Veikka thinks the goodbyes will go smoothly, but a rare situation appears: there’s a baby in the crane. The surprising problem is an annoyance at first, but in the end it allows communication between the employees in a way that has been difficult in the past.

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The last ferry from grass island

by Linhan Zhang 14’ Hong Kong

 A Hong Kong hitman retires as a fisherman on the peaceful Grass Island. One day, his Chinese apprentice shows up, tasked to kill him before the last ferry departs.

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by Anastasia Veber 20’ Russian Federation

Young Sasha loves and hates his sister at the same time. She is a troublemaker. That is why he carefully avoids mentioning her even in an ordinary conversation with a policeman on the street. Moreover, Sasha has his own life. He tries to win the girl from his authoritative classmate in Olympic reserve school. The conflict turns from a trifle into a disaster. This situation is a trap for everyone involved.

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by Leonor Noivo 28’  Portugal

Faced with her mother's disappearance, Isabel finds in the reconstruction of her gestures a possible explanation for her escape.


You Go Girl!

by Shariffa Ali 11’ United States

Audrey, a New York City comedian who can make a joke of any situation, faces a staggering challenge in the beautiful mountains of Oregon. Can this city woman overcome her fears and rise?

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Claude Libre

by Thomas Buisson 18’ France

Claude, sixty-five years old, ride on her motorcycle, scratching Bingos and living on fake checks. For the village, it can’t last any longer. The old lady must settle down or disappear.