Fiction V

8.6.2022 21:00
Bios Cinematheque

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by José Luis Aparicio 30’ Cuba

Walfrido Larduet, a lonely electrical inspector, dreams of the Red Woman, whose image persists and becomes an obsession. Something tells him she is near. Over the course of a day, Walfrido will follow her trail as he travels through the suburbs of an infested city.



by François Bierry 12’ France

 It's the story of a tiger who goes to conquer the love of his life. It's the story of a tiger to whom his buddy must absolutely say something. It's the tragi-comedy of a paper tiger.

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When night meets dawn

by Andreea Cristina Bortun 19’ Romania

A teenage boy goes looking for his new friend on the hot streets of an eerie city.  As the blue night falls, a sensual journey begins. Nature around him becomes exotic and the exotic becomes erotic. In the illuminating dawn he discovers he’s not like the rest

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by Javier Fesser 2’ Spain

There are things that are hidden even from your best friend

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by Jon Vatne 12’ Norway

On a windswept cliff Birgit (54) fights a battle against wind turbines and for her marriage against the policeman Trond who has come to remove her. With knitting, chocolate cake and a will of steel, she challenges her husband to an unexpected duel.

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An Invitation

by Yeung Tung, Hao Zhao 12’ China

An 8-year-old boy reluctantly visits his divorced father in Hong Kong, who wants him to become a Hong Kong citizen. They both keep secretive intentions and find it difficult to ask what they want from each other.

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Sunday Morning

by Bruno Ribeiro 25’ Brazil


Gabriela is a young black pianist who will perform at her first major recital. However, a dream about her dead mother destabilizes Gabriela's mind and heart, putting her presentation at risk. From a series of strange encounters over the course of a day, Gabriela will go on a journey of reconciliation with her memories and her mother.