Fiction VI

8.6.2022 21:30


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Αfter a room

by Naomi Pacifique 22’ Netherlands

Nights are long inside Naomi and Ram’s room. Tonight, they’ve invited Marina over and their messy space is under scrutiny. Exploring intimacy as personal playground, skin as intimate map, Naomi’s docile body is coming lose amidst the tension inside a room she continues knowing and unknowing. The small expressive child inside her is itching to ring its giggle through the night, before day breaks..

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by Benoît Monney 6’ Switzerland   

On a film set, there are always unforeseen events. Some days, it's all there is. And sometimes it's even worse.

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Colony Collapse Disorder

by Amos Hozman 15’ Israel

Between forest and city, two ambiguous lovers' journey to preserve their togetherness.

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The Infantas

by Andrea Herrera Catalá 13’ Spain

 A preteen of Dominican origin is ready to fight for the first time when her mother forces her to be the princess in a carnival float.

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The distance of Time

by Carlos Ormeño Palma 19’ Peru

In a Peruvian city corroded by an eternal and indifferent winter, a young androgynous man with indigenous roots reaches the depths of abandonment as his lover tries to survive an unknown disease and his memories fade into oblivion and sorrow.

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Censor of dreams  

by Leo Berne, Raphaël Rodriguez 18’ France

Every night, The Censor and his team moderate Yoko’s dreams. Tonight nothing happens as planned.

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See You Garbage!

by Romain Dumont 17’ Canada


For Christmas, three garbage collectors, Élie, Nino and Belz, are surprised to be received for dinner at the house of the Prime Minister and the First Lady. They go there, enthusiastic and candid, without suspecting that on the menu, they have a painful series of disappointments and manipulations in store for them. See You Garbage! is a dramatic comedy that resembles a revolutionary tale, which attempts to explore the encounter between the well-coated contempt of the political class and a sudden awareness of its people.