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     Tags: LGBTQ+, Activism, History, Sexuality, Struggle 

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Red Aninsri; or, Tiptoeing on the Still Trembling Berlin Wall

by Ratchapoom Boonbunchachoke 29:00 Thailand

Program: International [2]

A ladyboy prostitute-cum-secret-agent is assigned a mission to spy on a student activist. However, the mission goes awry as she slowly falls for him.  A queer espionage film made in the tradition of a dubbed Thai film from the Cold War era.

“Film plays with two film elements. First is the dubbing technique. The second is the spy genre, the genre that, to me, perfectly encapsulates the Cold War mentality. With these two elements, I’d like to explore how even though the Cold War has already officially ended, the Berlin Wall was destroyed and Soviet Union was dissolved, this Cold War mentality still lives on, at least in the mind of Thai ruling class” says the director Ratchapoom Boonbunchachoke.



by Matheus Farias, Enock Carvalho 19:57 Brazil

Program: International [ 6 ]

The film follows the journey of a mother experiencing the concerns of family members amid a trans genocide in Brazil.

“ Times of fear around the world, where people face a common and deadly enemy, the Covid19's pandemic. In Brazil, we face two. An authoritarian, deadly, fear spreader government. An atmosphere of constant threat and lack of hope for a better future. Presenting characters such as a black mother and a black trans daughter, this is a fable about the wish for a world where life can be truly possible.” explains the director Matheus Farias.

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Son of Sodom

by Theo Montoya 15:00 Documentary

Program: Focus in Colombia

Camilo Najar was known on social media and in the Medellín queer scene as “Son of Sodom.” In 2017 he auditioned for the starring role in Theo Montoya’s upcoming film. On camera, he talks frankly about his life, his sexuality, his experimentation with drugs, and death—which he doesn’t fear. A week later, at the age of 21, he was dead from a heroin overdose.

Najar is far from the only young Colombian to have died at a young age as a result of his self-destructive impulses. A shockingly high number of young people commit suicide or die of drug overdoses. Montoya examines the no-future mentality of his generation in a freewheeling, punk style. The city of Medellín may have left its years of extreme violence behind, but Montoya is horrified to see that his generation is now killing itself. The city’s youth dance on the ruins of the past, and death seems to hold no fear for them. His city has become a cemetery. This dark and powerful work was selected for the short film competition at Cannes.


This is Right; Zak Life and After

by Gevi Dimitrakopoulou 13:02 Documentary Greece

Program: National [ 1 ]

This is Right: Zak, Life and After is a portrait of Zak Kostopoulos, a well-known queer AIDS activist who was publicly lynched to death in Athens in 2018. Zak's chosen family and community highlight Zak's activist life and the response that his murder has galvanized.


The distance between us and the sky

by Vasilis Kekatos 9:00 Fiction Greece I France

Program: National [ 1 ]

Two strangers meet at an old gas station. It's late at night and one has to fill up his bike, the other is looking for 22,50 euros. that they miss to go away. Perhaps he can obtain them by selling, to the newcomer, the distance that separates them from heaven. In a poetic battle where the director's gaze is flappened like a heartbeat at the first desire, the two reveal another reality.


It is there, in the almost allegorical suspension of every spoken word, that the moving embrace, painful and very dangerous, of the two unusual hagglers of the sky is formed

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Escaping the fragile planet

by Thanasis Tsimpinis 18:00 Fiction Greece

Program: National [2]

A few hours before the world ends, two men have an unexpected encounter, while a strange pink fog is spreading throughout the city. Their romantic affair will only last for a day. But in a broken world filled with fear, sharing a few intimate moments seems to be enough for them to feel safe, against the upcoming end.

Escaping the Fragile Planet relies on its subtle humour, yet remains a touching exploration of young romance. Tabakakis and Lekakis bring warmth and irresistible flirtatious energy to this apocalyptic tale.

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Extra Flavour

by Carlos Abascal  Peiró  8:30 France

Program: International [1] 

Joachim is a very average man in his sixties. But he hides an obsession... or even two to be precise. He can't help but stare at the men who go to the gym across the street from his house while he devours pickles. When a new jar, "easy opening" won't open, his world turns upside down!

Fascinating comedy for cucumber fans.

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Imelda and Luis

by Leonel Chee 17:35 Mexico

Program: International [6] 

​Young twins, Imelda and Luis, live a neglected life with their drug dealing mom and jerk-off drug addict older brother. They only have each other to fulfill their dreams, she wants to be a nun and he wants to be a girl, neither of which seems possible.


Draw With Me

by Constantine Venetopoulos 18:00 USA

Special Screening

DRAW WITH ME is a film directed by Constantine Venetopoulos in collaboration with THE TREVOR PROJECT about the coming out journey of a youth who identifies as trans and about how their art became their outlet for self expression.