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July 2
to 14 

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Alt J - The Actor

by Saskia Dixie 5’  United Kingdom

Hollywood, 1982. Another hopeful young movie star arrives in search of The Dream. What follows is a tale of desperation, drugs and death in LA’s most famous hotel.

Photo 1 STYLEFRAMES_v02-07.jpg

No lullaby

by Ezequiel Torres 4' Argentina

A girl tries to go back home with her little brother while she protects him from this wild imagination.


The Pioneers

by Simon Cottee 10’ Canada

A surreal animated documentary based on historical records, The Pioneers is a mesmerising rhythmic experience honouring the animal passengers aboard their 59 rocket test flights prior to the first human voyage to space. This film aims to remind us of the sacrifices, experiences and tragedies of these forgotten and overlooked pioneers. Directed by auteur Australian animator Simon Cottee and scored by renowned Canadian composer Kid Koala.



by Vladimir Mavounia-Kouka 4' France

In a cottage lost in the mountains, a strange couple: an old lady and an android. While the world collapses around them, the android tells their story.

Photo 3 for_all_we_know10.jpg

For all we know

by Yann les Jours 6' Germany

"For all we know" is the music video of a song by Mary Ocher (to be released on an upcoming album). That music video has been developed around the idea of bridge between the loss and the vivid memories of what is missing,, a bridge linking the archipel context/subject-filming-viewing _ wonderfully embodied by Mary in that film. It's about perceiving those shifts we operate, sometimes unconsciously. Those essential in-betweens merging our existances with others'.


About Something Important

by Gosha Evdokimov 6' Russian Federation


We often talk about shallow things, chatting just to have a chat, talking without any significant meaning, while truly precious words never come out. The nameless hero of our story, during a loud party, resolved to quit meaningless chatter and say something really important, but there was no one around him willing to listen.


You Slay Me

by Joseph Robert Redl 5' United States

The devil is in the details.

Photo 6 .00_01_33_03.Still013.jpg

Strange Town

(Poli Xeni)

by Eftychia Maria Kondyli 3' Greece

Maria ..

Photo 6 still43.jpg

To exist

by Marina Fastoso 4' Italy

To achieve the deepest and purest portait of a man, a photographer lead him to his world. Thanks to the encounter with the other and the art, the man can start an inner travel and deal with his demons and traumas.

Photo 5 vlcsnap-2022-11-08-19h43m33s434.jpg

Pile - "Loops"

by Joshua Echevarria 4' United States

From the album, ""All Fiction" out February 17th, 2023, via Exploding in Sound Records

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