by Dimitris Zahos 18 :00 Fiction Greece

Vouta is a pigeon breed that flies all the way up to the clouds, then dives at 230 km/h and slows down just before reaching the ground. Christos is a teenager who lives in a disadvantaged neighbourhood of Athens. He has to find a way to avoid conflict with his father who just got home from prison, just like the pigeons he loves avoid collision.


by Pantelis Frantzis 8:30 Documentary Belgium/Greece

In a small village, surrounded by sea, old sailors prepare for the winter ahead. Their ritual of meat harvesting still echoes the visit of a long-forgotten god.

Bucket Hat!

by Demetrios Tzamaras 3:25

Animation United States I Greece

Brothers Tot and Meech try desperately to convince their Papou (Greek for Grandfather) to buy them ice cream while on a trip to the beach. They have to act fast, because the Ice Cream Man could leave any minute!

The Mouse Story

by Miltiades Christides 15:00 Fiction – Animation - Greece

The everyday life and troubles of Yorgos Armaous, a human sized mouse living among people, as he struggles to make a living, fit in, and get some cheese to eat.

In the room

by  Yeorgia M. Sotirchou 13:47 fiction

When god is absent, someone has to take his place. In a modern-day urban environment, three characters come together: an old ill man, the young woman who looks after him and his unemployed middle-aged daughter, all face the fine line that separates ethics and freewill.

The End of Suffering (a proposal)

by Jacqueline Lentzou 14:15 Fiction Greece

Sofia is panicky, again. The Universe decides to contact her. An other-wordly dialogue. A planet symphony for Mars, where people dream awake and fight for love.

54 / The Blind Turtle and the Endless Sea

by Isabella Margara 12:45 Fiction Greece

A woman who cannot stop running. A mysterious man who knows everything about her life. A turtle pin. An unexpected encounter in the elevator that goes up to the 54th floor – but takes us all elsewhere.

Escaping the fragile planet

by Thanasis Tsimpinis 18:00 Fiction Greece

A boy-meets-boy tale, a few hours before the world ends.

This is a work of fiction, as shot on July 2019. Any resemblance to actual events surrounding the COVID‑19 pandemic, is purely coincidental.


 Films with English subtitles

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