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National II

July 9

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Highway of a Broken Heart

by Nikos Kyritsis Fiction 11’ Greece

Somewhere, in the middle of nowhere, on an empty and badly lit part of an endless highway, Mary will do everything she can to win back the man who just broke her heart. But the night holds a big surprise.

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by Chryssanthi Kouri Fiction 20' Greece

While facing pivotal life changes Matina arrives at the family summer house to clear out her late mother's things. There she begins to unravel, as past and present collide until she reaches a personal epiphany.

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by Elvira Krithari, Maria Sidiropoulou I 26' Documentary I Greece

Why might a woman want to become a mother at any cost? And why might another not be interested in persons born using (and carrying) her dna? Two women - two strangers - set out their thoughts on the notion of motherhood, and the universe that surrounds it. Their parallel narratives share a similar starting point: both were involved in donation arrangements - the collection of genetic material at IVF clinics. 

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by Fivos Imellos I Fiction I 17' I Greece

A woman receives a startling phone call from her son, while waiting for him and his girlfriend over for lunch.


The Crossing

by Aineias Tsamatis, Katerina Mavrogeorgi I Fiction I 21' I Greece

A railroad crossing in the middle of nowhere. Two log cabins facing each other. All around are yellow hills and an open horizon. Two watchmen: The lonely Giannis, who never leaves his post, and the relaxed Antonis, who follows the rhythm of the landscape. Every now and then a voice from an old radio announces the arrival of a train. The two guards manually lower the bars. Nothing seems to disturb their daily routine until love invades, shattering all certainty.



by Mark Kassinos Documentary 9' Cyprus

" Acceptance” is a poignant documentary short film that tells the story of a man whose life is severely disrupted by a car crash and an unjust legal outcome. Unable to work or walk, hurt both physically and emotionally, he turns away from society, quits his day job and becomes an animal breeder, a shepherd, seeking solace and meaning in his newfound connection with animals.

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Eschaton Ad

by Andrea Gatopoulos I Fiction

8' I Italy - Greece

An apocalyptic film is suddenly interrupted by a strange ad.

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Light of Light

by Neritan Zinxhiria I Experimental - Documentary I 12' I Greece

Before his death in 1932, a monk created his own camera in one of the most isolated places in the world. 90 years later, a filmmaker discovers and reconstructs the found footage.

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