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National III

13 July

Photo 4 Ali_Pasha__Kyra_Vassiliki.jpg

Pink Mountain 

by Thomas Kunstler Garbi Animation 8’Greece

An Ottoman fairy tale. The magical story of a forbidden love and how a young Florist turned a mountain pink for the love of Lady Vassiliki, the favourite of the despotic Ali Pasha, sovereign of the mysterious Balkan city-state of Ioannina, crossroad of Greek, Albanian and Turkish culture.

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by Stelios Christoforou Fiction 25’ Greece

A Drama that invades the life of two couples and examines all their secrets, their relationships, the toxic environment that exists and everyone can see it but no one talks about it. Summer ends, and with that, every illusion of reality slowly fades away. What happens if you want to hold on to this illusion no matter what? The characters of the film will have to face themselves for the first time. Full of secrets and lies they will get lost in a fight for the realisation of what is real and what is fake. A film about love, the exploration of sexuality, and friendship.

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tokakis or What’s My Name

by Thanos Tokakis Mockumentary 22’ Greece

Thanos Tokakis begins a stand up comedy tour in the providence in order to prove everyone the great actor he is. On his journey he is confronts the audience which is not able to let go his TV performance, but mostly himself who pushes him to the limits to reach success. Through the end.

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by Phaedra Vόkali Fiction 19’ Greece

On a trip to the aquarium, two girls who go to the same school but come from different worlds will discover that what unites them is more than what separates them

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by Tonia Mishiali Fiction 18’ Cyprus

Daphne switches from one sexual partner to the next, but does not seem to be satisfied, at least not with what she thought she needed; until she finds a wounded dog in the street. How far would she go to feel some affection?

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by Stavros Petropoulos 26' Greece

The limits of intrusion in the peaceful life of the local folk in the island of Ikaria are being tested in a group of scientists' quest to find the secret for long and healthy life. A clash of energies between locals and perplexed scientists, leaving no stone unturned, in an attempt to understand frozen time and intriguing idiosyncrasies. A comedic study in pacing and reframing a world view.

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