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The International Short Film Festival Psarokokalo is an annual festival held in Greece since 2007. The festival aims to provide a showcase for the work of new filmmakers from around the world and to promote the diversity and richness of the short film.


The festival is part of a project aiming to research, promote and develop the art of filmmaking. The festival program includes screenings of short films from Greece and abroad as well as audiovisual events, lectures, masterclasses, exhibitions, and live concerts. The quality of its screenings, lectures, exhibitions have managed to make it a reference point for cinephiles, filmmakers, professionals, and new artists. Each year the activities of the festival expanded, receiving more participation from different countries and getting bigger support from filmmakers and professionals.


The festival aims to travel across borders to develop a spirit of friendship and cooperation with international festivals and filmmakers from all over the world.


Psarokokalo International Short Film Festival is run by Kyklos a nonprofit organization based in Athens whose purpose is to promote actions relating to cinema and public awareness of environmental issues. ‘Kyklos’ in Greek means cycle and the vision of the cycle is the respect for fundamental rights including freedom equal opportunities and cultural diversity. 

Psarokokalo ISFF has been fundamental to founder Soultana Koumoutsi and KYKLOS  from the beginning, in their commitment to visionary filmmakers with strong points of view and films that engage with and reflect our culture and bring audiences into a shared conversation.

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