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Dorothy Cheung  

Filmmaker I Hong Kong


Dorothy Cheung (b. 1987) is a filmmaker and artist from Hong Kong. She studied M.A. in Lens-based Media at Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam, NL. Her practice explores the notion of identities and home through a double perspective - personal and political, memory and forgetfulness. Her moving-image works are internationally selected for film festivals including International Film Festival Rotterdam, Leeds International Film Festival, Taiwan International Documentary Festival, Seoul International Women's Film Festival and Queer Lisboa.

Sabine Costa

Broadcasting pôle coordinator I France


Sabine Costa has been working for 13 years to promote documentary cinema in France, as part of "Documentaire sur grand écran". She has also been involved in film education with "Cinema, cent ans de jeunesse » program. She joined in January 2023 the Rencontres Audiovisuelles team as Head of the Short Film Diffusion service. Rencontres audiovisuelles carries out the Lille Short Film Festival and run a theatre dedicated to short films : L'hybride

Florian Elabdi 

 Documentary Filmmaker & Journalist  I Denmark


Florian Elabdi is a journalist and documentary filmmaker. He has reported around the world for Scandinavian and international media outlets. His latest short doc “Ghosts of Moria” was published by The Guardian and has been shortlisted and won awards at multiple international film festivals. 

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