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Music Video

Photo 1 ruby13.jpg


by Ruby Mae Hinepunui Solly (Kai Tahu, Kāti Māmoe, Waitaha), Sebastian J Lowe, Victoria Baskin Coffey 8’ New Zealand

"Pōneke is a modern love letter to place, space and time within a post second-migration world. "
[Ruby Solly of Kai Tahu and Waitaha tribes of Aotearoa New Zealand]
This video was made together with Sebastian J Lowe and Victoria Baskin Coffey and is a collection of three of the locations within Pōneke that exist within both te ao Pākeha (the European world) and te ao Māori (the Māori world)

Photo 2 Oto_02.jpg


by Martin Gerigk 10’ Germany

"Painted in silence, a sparrow’s dream invokes timeless harmonies. In the heart of the universal geometry, the seed of calm is formed." Otonashi is a philosophical voyage through inner and outer experiences of human existence - an audiovisual meditation of futuristic transmutations about the Japanese Hannya Shingyō.

Still 5.jpg

Safe Distance

by Rona Soffer 5' Israel

The clip is based on David Avidan’s song with added words and rap by the creator, reflecting a longing for the past and for the future dovetailed by the movement of the wheelchair and the bicycle.

Photo 1 still_6.jpg


by Sarah Tabibzadeh 4’ Iran

We create new worlds, one after another, whereas ours is another one's creature.

Photo 2 ADHD_Screengrab_1.jpg

Adhd - Säye Skye  

by Sina Dolati  4’ Canada

ADHD, the music video, celebrates Attention Hyperactivity Disorder as a superpower. The official music video experience for the song "ADHD" by Iranian-Canadian artist SÄYE SKYE - the project was filmed on a 360/VR camera and later converted to a 2D flat video, to allow for innovative cinematic angles created in post-production. The immersive format simulates what it's like to live with ADHD and lends itself to the song's danceable beats, making it a cohesive experience for both Farsi and English speaking audiences.

Photo 1 Thanatos_Fantasia.jpg

Thanatos Fantasia

by Giorgis Fotopoulos 15’ Germania

"Thanatos Fantasia" depicts the release of the Phoenix through the cremation of a pianoforte

Poster 220b44bbb7-poster.jpg

Kiss Me

by  Sarah Tabibzadeh 6’ Iran  


A young woman starts an adventure and hard journey after her break up. A man falls in love with her but she decides to continue traveling; till she discovers a new image of herself.

Photo 5 alpapuyo_2.jpg


by Fiona Lena Brown, Germán Basso

5’ Argentina

Pieces come together and create three masks. Surrounded by rocks, one of them finds itself with someone who is identical to itself. The second one, as part of a ritual, decides to throw itself into the void. The third one dances in a mirror hall until its own shape becomes too much to bear

Photo 3 SUMMER_NIGHTS1.jpg

Summer Nights

by Pablo Roldan, Ezequiel 4’ Argentina

Three old friends have a ritual to welcome a new member of the "cool kid" gang. A get together with past summers, that brings back childhood memories.

Photo 4 Leyya.00_13_47_10.Still020.jpg

Leyya - I'm Not Sure

by Roberto Roboto 3’ Austria

'I'm Not Sure' follows the inhabitants of a post-apocalyptic world.

Photo 3 Goose_Common_Still_3.jpg

The Goose and the Common​​

by Shadab Shayegan 4’ Austria

The Goose and the Common is at once both a music video and set of instructions. 

Photo 1 KLITCLIQUE_zuZweit2_c_AnnaSpanlang.jpg

Klitclique - Zu zweit

by Anna Spanlang 3' Austria

A music video by Anna Spanlang and a track by rap duo Klitclique that hail the fall of phallocentrism...

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