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Initiative for the Development of new talents  Programming Academy

In an effort to expand education for emerging professionals who intend to pursue a career in film festival programming, Psarokokalo collaborates with the MA Program: Creative Writing, Theatre & Culture Industries of the University of the Peloponnese


The program focuses on developing festival planning skills by giving candidates hands-on experience and exposure to the curatorial process.

Programming Assistants

Ξένια Καλαντζή.jpg

Xenia Kalatzi

Στελλα Λιάτου.jpg

Stella Liatou

Εβίτα Μεϊμαρίδου (1).JPG

Evita Meimaridou

Meropi Papastergiou.JPG

Meropi Papastergiou

 Αιμιλία Σουλοβάρι.jpg

Aimilia Soulovari

Χριστινα Τσεγγενε.jpg

Xristina Tseggene

Ειρήνη Ψυχογιού _Photos.jpg

Irene Psyxogiou

Creative Partners

Dr Angeliki Spiropoulou

Director of the MA Program: 'Creative Writing, Theatre & Culture Industries' Professor of European Literature and Theory

Theatre Studies Department, School of Arts, The University of the Peloponnese Research Fellow, School of Advanced Study, The University of London

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