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National II

07 July

Photo 5 18_1.1.5.jpg

Poppies and Ducks

by Christina-Kallirroi Garbi Fiction 21’Greece

Katerina insists on swimming in the sea, even though it is strictly prohibited. She spends all of her money paying fines and ultimately has no choice but to ask her mother for help, putting their strained relationship to the test.

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by Alexandros Vossos Fiction 14’ Greece

Fanis is looking for a place to live in Athens. The night is full of surprises as during his return he gets involved in a car crash which will make him face a series of social contradictions that will test his limits.

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by Chrysoula Korovesi and Marios Gampierakis Animation 6’ Greece

A canary is born in captivity amongst other caged birds. A coal miner is experiencing the hardships and risk of everyday labour. The two of them will meet and form a special bond of companionship and solidarity, vital to their existence in this harsh environment under the surface of the earth, until a violent incident will rupture their routine and awaken them.

Photo 2 AYGOL_Still_1.jpg


by Dimitris Argyriou Fiction 8’ Greece

Aygol is a young girl who is afraid to accept her sexual Identity, which is forbidden in her country and she prefers to spend time with her grandma.

Photo 3 Lets_Not_Let_Go_-_Still_4.jpg

Let's Not Let Go Anymore

by Alkisti Efthymiou Documentary 13’

Greece - Chile 

In the midst of the social uprising and pandemic that is sweeping Chile, Alkisti (32), a Greek woman living in Santiago, and Mara (4), her flatmate’s daughter, are forced into progressive confinement. During this critical period, Alkisti decides to film the relational space she shares with Mara, revealing games, dialogues, and mutual concerns that will lead to a tale about femininity, survival, and collective care.

Photo 2 Still_5pmSeaside_4K_Stejskal-Frischholz-Petinaraki-_Ljuma_RGB_2.jpg

5PM Seaside

by Valentin Stejskal Fiction 26’ Greece

On his 40th birthday, Nikos, a solitary truck driver, arrives on a remote beach. He’s there to meet his former military buddy Christos, whom he hasn't seen for many years

Photo 3 EYE.jpg

Sun & Shadow

by Melina Loukanidou Fiction 15’  Greece  


There was light and it was brutal. Shadows could not heal. The Boy had fallen into sleep. The Girl was recalling and sand was everywhere.

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