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The Psaroloco Media Literacy Project Ι Labs (Since 2010) promotes media literacy with skills of creative access and critical content analysis and integrates teachers as the primary actors of this new audiovisual literacy through cinema.

It holds film screenings at Psaroloco International Film Festival for Children & Young People experiential workshops specially designed for children and adolescents as well as educational workshops & teaching tools through PsarolocoEd. for families, teachers, and literate citizens.


Psaroloco's aim is to familiarize the novice audience with the basic terms of the cinematic experience and to promote media literacy.The project promotes the enhancement of the critical thinking of children and the ability to deconstruct images. It prioritizes vulnerable groups of children and adolescents. It travels with actions to remote areas around Greece.

Psaroloco Media Literacy is committed to broadening access to the arts for all children and is proud to provide PsarolocoEd Classroom for free. As a KYKLOS nonprofit, PSAROLOCO relies on the support of our audience members, donors, and supporters to make this program possible.

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