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Fiction VIII

July 14

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by Vero Kompalic 30' Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of

A film crew documents a progressively sadistic commander, as he forces a group of actors playing soldiers to violent ends.

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Fasten Your Belts

by Mikhail Morskov, Vitaly Dudka 24' Russian Federation

The co-pilot has locked the cockpit and is about to destroy the plane. The captain and crew have only 10 minutes to save the passengers.

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dy by Uriya Hertz 16' Israel

After a night out at a Jerusalem gay bar, Aaron finds out that his bag is missing. Unable to return home without it, he receives assistance from Sefi, the bartender. The fates of both will be linked tonight.


Wife Carrying

dy Mathias Rifkiss, Colas Rifkiss 25' France

In the village, they say that Denis and Céline have a little problem with their relationship. His manhood is affected and Denis decides to enter a wife-carrying race in the hope of regaining esteem and respect.


Boi de conchas

by Daniel Barosa 15' Brazil 

While searching for her missing sister, a teenage girl struggles to balance family duties and music practice, as local teens mysteriously transform into oxen.

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