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Fiction VIII

July 13

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by Charlotte Louis 15' France

A birth, a stay, a dusk. A man is searching for his place in the eternal cycle of life and death.

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Save my soul

dy Kam Fai Leung 14' Hong Kong

A mute wanderer, homeless and alone, meets a blind man smitten with cats. The man feeds every stray in the valley, offering the mute a chance for home

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dy Xosé A. Touriñán, Jairo Iglesias 15' Spain

A family of five members goes through tough times after the death of a woman: a mother, a wife, a daughter-in-law, a sister-in-law… This situation smashes the household life, placing the responsability on a twelve year old girl. A grandfather more concerned about money than affection. An uncle with a child’s hearth, but with an intelectual disability. A father grieving over the loss who drowns his sorrows in alcohol. Because of her family’s lack of ability to go on, a girl takes over and burdens the responsability of the three men’s life.



by Basil da Cunha 25' Switzerland

After a violent police raid in a poor clandestine neighbourhood in Lisbon, a 7-year-old girl seeks to find her missing older brother. At the same time, a young newly released ex-convict tries to start anew, free from a life of crime. The fate of these two will cross in the worst way.


For people in trouble

by Alex Lawther 16' United Kingdom

Jenny and Paul meet at a pub, quickly falling in love. Their relationship blossoms as civilisation falls to climate change, the escalation of the world being fucked begins to show the strain. Jenny becomes radicalised; Europe has moved further to the Right; martial law is in place.

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by Oliver Wicks 19' Australia

A day in the life of Mitch, a kind but wayward disability support worker, and Connor, a funny and sensitive young man he works with.

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