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Fiction VIII

14 July

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Play House

by Xinyi Cao 26' China

Xiao Lin and Chuan Yu are lesbian lovers who work in soft porn industries. One day a man hired them to act as his wife and daughter. However, the relationship among them gradually grew tense.

Photo 3 At_Little_Wheelie_3_Days_Ago_-_Still_3.jpg

At Little Wheelie Three Days Ago

by Andrew Stephen Lee 18' United States

A viral video rattles an out-of-work father.

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by Éléonore Bernier 12' Canada

In the Limoilou neigbourhood of Quebec City, René and Polo are apprehensive about the arrival of the new next-door neighbour. Though he doesn't know it, the young man is moving into the apartment previouly occupied by Robert, their late friend who passed away two weeks prior.. Spotting Robert's barbecue left on the balcony, René begins to spiral as he refuses to leave it in the hands of the new next-door neighbour.

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Our Males and Females

by Ahmad Alyaseer 11' Jordan

A father and mother are faced with the painful task of washing and shrouding their deceased transgender daughter. Shrouding is an Islamic religious practice that is deemed obligatory to carry out upon death. But when no one agrees to wash her and shame falls onto the family, how far is the father willing to go to make sure his "son" is washed?

Photo 5 Fotograma_4_alta.jpg

Women Visiting a City

by Enrique Buleo 15' Spain

Three retired women travel on a bus on their way to Europe. They have just become widows and it’s time to start living. All their lives, they have heard people talk about the wonders of tourism, and they are dying to experience it firsthand.

Photo 1 Nocturnal_Burger_Still_1.jpg

Nocturnal Burger

by Reema Maya 28' United States

Minu, the eldest (and most neglected) daughter of a night watchman, has never eaten a burger. She wouldn’t even have tried to imagine its taste if she hadn’t been promised one. Simi hates fortune-telling robots at the beach; she has hated them since she was about as old as Minu is. Simi and Minu would have never met if, somewhere between precaution and paranoia, their night didn’t get catapulted into an investigation of abuse at a dysfunctional police station.

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