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05 July


Love At Fifty

by Tan Wei Ting 30’ Fiction

Kee, a divorced mother of two in her 50s, weighs the prospect of an unlikely romance against its challenges when she meets a jovial—and romantically inexperienced—delivery person at her coffeeshop job.

one day.jpg

One Day in Lim Chu Kang

 by Michael Kam 4’ Documentary

A filmmaker recalls a unique outing with his parents in Singapore on February 2020. A contemplation on life, death and the ever-changing landscape on this small island.


Plastic Sonata

by Nelson Yeo 30’ Experimental

In covid-plague Singapore, people begin to fear reality and feel a growing sense of uncertainty. Plastic Sonata tells the story of three individuals as they face the global crisis, impending loneliness and their family.


Yi yi (Time Flows in Strange Ways on Sundays)

 by Giselle Lin 17’ Fiction

A mother, trapped in the comfort of memory and mourning, confronts her grief when she is invited to the wedding of her late son’s childhood sweetheart.


Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

by Alvin Lee 19’ Fiction

 A funeral director finds himself hapless when the wrong body has been sent for cremation. When there seems to be no other way, he devises a plan for a sham funeral with the deceased’s three estranged children.

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