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Focus in Singapore

Konstantinos Kaimakis   

Film critic I Greece


Although he graduated with a degree in Business Administration from the University of Piraeus, he was won over by Film, as from a young age he consumed countless movies and wrote about them in the amateur magazines he made. He started working professionally as a film critic in 1995 with CINEMA magazine. He has collaborated with dozens of magazines, newspapers and websites, and currently is a columnist at Athens Voice and Documento Newspapers and a collaborator of He is a member of the Greek Association of Film Critics and FIPRESCI.

Leonor Noivo

Director I Macau - Portugal


Leonor Noivo  grew up in Macau, Asia, where she studied photography and music at Macau School of Arts. She came to Lisbon in the late 90s, where she studied architecture before joining Film School (ESTC) where she specialized in editing and directing. She later studied at the Ateliers Varan, the cinéma vérité school, which became a decisive artistic influence in her films.

She’s co-founder of TERRATREME, a filmmakers collective created in 2008 with other five partners, where she develops her work alongside with directing her films, producing and monitoring projects of other directors, working as scriptwriter, assistant director, editor, and, more recently, in the production field. Parallelly to cinema, she collaborated with several artists in the performance area, creating content and video installations.

Leonor’s first documentary “Excursão” won INDIELISBOA in 2007 and was present in several festivals in Europe; her short-fiction “Setembro” premiered in LOCARNO in 2016, and competed in several festivals around the world. Her most recent works merge fiction and documentary: “Raposa” premiered at FID MARSEILLE in 2019 (special mentions from Juries Marseille Esperance and Georges Beauregard), and ”Madrugada” was premiered in ROTTERDAM in 2022 and later received several awards and nominations, including the pre-candidacy for the European Film Awards.

Emil Dam Seidel  

Film Director I Denmark


Emil Dam Seidel is an award winning film director.

Most recently he wrote and directed the short interactive web series Courage to Act, for which he received the Silver Screen Young Director Award in Cannes in 2022. The year before he directed and produced the acclaimed short film SHE, which had its international premiere at the Fotografiska Museum New York and has screened at more than 25 film festivals across the globe.


Before starting his own career as a film director, Emil Dam Seidel assisted director R. Thomas Vinterberg on the Oscar winning film Another Round and later became his 2nd Unit Director on the Tv-series Families like Ours. Emil’s professional film career was kickstarted in 2013 when he assisted the Oscar winning director Susanne Bier on the film A Second Chance.

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