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Music Video

Photo 6 Untitled_2.33.1.jpg

To exist

by Rui Wang 4' China

"To Night" is a rap music video made for the respected Chinese rap group, GhostCrew. Set in Beijing, the video explores urban life, touching on themes of uncertainty and self-reflection about the future. With a mix of emotions, the film shows the confusion of city life and the desire to find clarity in the complexities of modern life..

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When the hawk comes

by Lilia Li-Mi-Yan, Katherina Sadovsky 6' Armenia

A short video by artists Lilia Li-Mi-Yan (Yerevan) and Katherina Sadovsky (Moscow) is a sad, poetic metaphor for what is happening in the world today. The plot and melody of an Armenian lullaby are taken as a starting point, where a mother tries to calm her son by offering to make a symbolic choice of a destiny bird. The boy does not choose peaceful birds, nightingale, or magpie. His predictable choice is a warlike hawk. The horrors of war are resolutely put out of the brackets of this world without men.

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All the best

by Pablo Rafael Roldán 3' Argentina

Dedicated to all those who were told they were weird or were made to feel that way. Weird is weird based on a norm, once we lose sight of that rigid norm, weird can be anything, and it can be funny, maybe confusing, but most of all it can be authentic.

Photo 8 ajr_maybe_man_still_10.jpg

Maybe Man

by Edoardo Ranaboldo 4' United States

Animated music video for the band AJR from their album "Maybe Man"

Photo 1 schranky_1.65.1.jpg


by Marie Magdalena Kochová 9' Czech Republic

The elevator of the nursing home turn into the stage as the old dancer explores the limits of his body, memory and the passage of time. Trapped between four walls, he must face the helplessness of his own languish shell. Starring Jan Minařík, the soloist of Pina Bausch theatre and the greatest Czech dancer of the 20th century.

Photo 7 SPELL-8-300dpi.jpg


by Khalil Charif 6' Brazil

A spell is cast on the dance floors, and it transforms the atmosphere. An experimental combination of elements, made with archive footage from the 70s and 80s, in Rio de Janeiro.

Photo 8 784c342005e4549b1b128f33965cdeb3.jpg


by Liaoyuan Liu 10' China

Moore's life resembles a shattered dream. In the confined projection room, she begins to blur the boundaries between reality and illusion, searching for reasons to exist, much like a moth burning itself for its own reasons.

Photo 4 vlcsnap-00018.jpg


by Monika Kozub 3' Germany

An art music video celebrating menstruation and fighting period poverty. With a tongue-in-cheek approach we want to spark a conversation about the period stigma and economic issues of people who menstruate. It’s entirely a passion project, not for profit, brought together by a dedicated team of people, mostly women-identifying.

Photo 3 TROADA_image2.jpg


by Vitor Hugo Rocha 3' Portugal

The cycle of Springtime, Summer, Autumn and Winter is suddenly interrupted by the storm and psycadelia.

Poster e344e5f2a2-poster.jpg

Deep breath

by Leonor Pacheco 4' Portugal

During the late hours of the night a form tries to fall asleep. Struggling to maintain control, it gets trapped into vicious cycles of abstract madness, visually and audibly growing into a visceral and bizarre conflict between compression and decompression.

Poster 8c6cd4434e-poster.jpg

My Mother

by Chaïtane Conversat 3' France

In a frenzied choreography, Célestin speaks to us about the urgent need to save his mother yeti, while black figures dance, consume and mistreat her under the helpless gaze of the animals.

Poster f46653dc93-poster.jpg

Nummer 2

by Arthur Chaumay, Simon Duong Van Huyen 4' France

Nummer 2 is a tribute to the resilience of the Earth. We visit it thousands of years after the extinction of man, meet the new species and vegetation that have developed. We witness the rebirth of nature, humanity is a distant memory.

Photo 6 img-Kind_of_Morning-300dpi-5.jpg

Kind of Morning

by Clara Franciosi, Valentine Vendroux, Salomé Hammann 4' France

A  tired docker heading home after a hard night’s work comes across a postcard which rekindles his passion for the US. Guided by three sprightly birds he embarks on a once in a lifetime road trip and journey of self-discovery across the States.

Photo 3 spool_loops_3.jpg

Spool Loops

by Stuart Pound 4' United Kingdom

A clip from “The Abyss” (1910). A couple quarrel and a parade of numbers “times” them. There’s a mix of software in the processing, AI to separate the silhouettes from their background, but a now obsolete font for the numbers. The sound is a disco track played backwards.

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