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The Psarokokalo International Short Film Festival aims to increase the awareness and accessibility of the culture of the short film and to create an atmosphere of community and cooperation by bringing the audience out of the comfort zone of their own reality promotes the entire program in BIOS with two different empirical approaches

BIOS exploring urban culture

Address: Piraeus 84, Athens 104 35

Bios Cinematheque: seats are not numbered BIOS rooftop: the screening is done using individual headphones while there are no specific positions in the screens on the BIOS rooftop. We urge you to attend the screening earlier.


No rapid test or self test or vaccination certificate is required for the public to enter the event space. For the performances that take place indoors, the entrance is made with the use of the mask and with the observance of the distances both during the attendance and during the performances and according to the instructions of EODY