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National I


My Mother Is a Saint

by Syllas Tzoumerkas Fiction I  8’ I Greece

The meeting of a son with his mother at her hometown, takes an unexpected turn.


Meet Daniel

by Aris Katsigiannis Documentary 6’ Greece


If you were born there, who would you be? Daniel speaks about his Maasai culture, beliefs, marriage, circumcision and unity. Learn the value of equality through a young Maasai who does not see colour or religion but unity and oneness.

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The Summer that Never Grew Old

by Spyros Mavraganis I Fiction I15’ I Greece

During a late-summer getaway to the Pelion guest house where he spent most of his childhood holidays, Stefanos realises there's something wrong with his girlfriend, Sophia. As the past catches up with them, the couple are forced to confront buried memories and inconvenient truths.

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by Alexis Koukias-Pantelis I Fiction I

19’ I Greece

Sandy is 30 years old, a drama school graduate and has asthma. Tonight she will be performing on a theater. Before that, she has to teach a yoga class, work as a clown and audition for a commercial. In this equation, somehow she has to try and fit in Spiros, her boyfriend.

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Sprouts of a dragon’s teeth

by Danae Io Documentary 9’ Greece

Between agricultural landscapes, industrial ruins and an overgrown ancient theatre, animals and insects meander in the plains of de-industrialised Thebes, Greece. A group of field workers are getting ready for their lunch break. The relationship between people and land arranges the film, in the form of a poem on autochthony, othering, and myth.


Midnight Skin

by Manolis Mavris I Fiction I 40’ I Greece

Fanny, a young nurse working at a big public hospital, is trapped every night in the same obsessive nightmare. She dreams she turns into a tree. While stuck to a lonely everyday routine she realises that her nightmare goes beyond the imaginary and gradually infiltrates her life.

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Conventions of Contracts

by Stefanos Mondelos I Fiction I 27’ I Greece

A man, whose identity is kept secret, describes his experiences as an employee working for a government contracting company. The photos taken during the work developments, reveal a scandal revolving around construction companies, public works and artistic direction, resulting in the hero humorously admitting: ‘All the world is a stage!’. This fictional short story is inspired by found photographs from public work construction sites.

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White Christmas 1948

by Antonios Nikiforos Vallindras I Fiction

I 17' I Greece


During the Greek Civil War, a commander of the Communist side, wants to give his comrades an emotional humane moment before returning to the barbaric reality of the war.

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