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July 13

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This is TMI

by Subarna Dash, Vidushi Gupta 6' India

Big boobs vs. small boobs? A group of ladies discusses who has it worse.

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Beautiful Men

by Nicolas Keppens 18' Belgium

Three balding brothers travel to Istanbul to get a hair transplant. Stuck with each other in a hotel far from home, their insecurities grow faster than their hair.

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by Christel Guibert 9' France - Belgium

Half-animal, half-human creatures meet at a speed-dating dance event where they explore their differences and difficulties communicating. When a lovestruck man-cum-anteater falls for a woman-cum-shrew, he gets caught up in this courtship ballet.

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Bug Diner

by Phoebe Jane Hart 7' United States

A dissatisfied marriage, a secret crush, and workplace fantasies come to a head in a diner run by a mole with a hot ass.

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Tennis, Oranges

by Sean Pecknold 11' United States

A robotic vacuum suffering from burnout quits its job at a hospital and sets out to find community and a greater purpose on a quiet street where two lonely rabbits are stuck in perpetual loops.


The Girl and

The Pot

by Valentina Homem 12' Brazil 

In a dystopian world, the Girl breaks her ceramic pot, which holds a secret within. The breaking of the pot opens portals to a parallel universe and the girl enters a time of transformation in which the creation of a new world is finally possible.

Photo 4 The_Family_Portrait_4.jpg

The Family Portrait

by Lea Vidakovic 14' Croata

A quiet Sunday afternoon in the aristocratic, family home, just before the fall of the Austro-Hungarian empire. Andras and his daughter Zsofia are caught by surprise when Andras’ brother Zoltan intrudes in the intimacy of their home, along with his big family. A poetic, dark, and somewhat humorous social observation, in which family ties and relationships are broken down and dissected to pieces.

Photo 4 SweetLikeLemons_JennyJokela_still3.jpg

Sweet Like Lemons

by Jenny Jokela 5' United Kingdom

Sweet Like Lemons is a visual reflection on getting out of a harmful relationship and moving on. The title is a play on the saying “when life gives you lemons make lemonade”, only in this case there is no lemonade to be made but the lemons still taste sweeter than what you left behind.

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The Mole

by Alexey Sukhov 14' Russian Federation

Victor, at the request of his wife, goes for a pipe cleaning liquid “The Mole”. On the way, he reflects and philosophizes, but a sudden incident leads him to a memory loss. Thus, a series of events is launched in which the hero is forced to try on different essences of the word Mole.

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by Flóra Anna Buda 10' France

 Alice is 27 years old today. Even though she is suffocating a bit, she still lives with her parents and tends to live in her dreams to escape her dreary everyday life. After a psychedelic party on a factory roof, she has a serious drunken bike accident. Will this give her the courage to become an adult?

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by Yumi Joung 7' Korea, Republic of

The girl draws a circle on the ground. Passersby step into it, one by one. Soon the circle is full of people, struggling to stay within. Once the girl returns and erase the circle, people start heading their way.

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The Miracle

by Nienke Deutz 15’  Belgium

40-year old Irma goes on a vacation to an all-inclusive resort. Soon after her arrival she realizes the place is meant for young families. Irma has to find her own place in this holiday paradise

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