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 Architecture & Environment 

09 July

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Gypsum Concrete

 by Simon Pénochet 7’ Documentary I France

At a time when we are re-examining our manufacturing methods to find more virtuous and less carbon-intensive solutions, the architects of Ciguë agency are studying the potential of endemic materials. Their research proposes to explore the possible use of plaster in the manufacture of screed instead of cement, responsible for nearly 30.3% of CO2 emissions in the building sector. Their study also intends to demonstrate the qualities of plaster as a binder capable of replacing natural aggregates, sand and gravel whose reserves are running out, with building rubble: bricks, tiles or crushed concrete…

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Bare Metal

by Brandon Robert Gries, Ryan Freng, John Shoemaker 10’ Documantery I United States 

Microsoft, Google, META, and AWS are some of the biggest single-power consumers in the world. Along with other digital infrastructure companies’ consumption, they make up 2.4% of the world's energy use. This film details the digital infrastructure industry's work to reduce their carbon footprint in an effort to lower carbon emissions and help save the world.

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Lelé's House

by Jean Paulo Bergerot 4’ Documentary I Brazil

The non-visible life that is impregnated in the memory of a residence. The short film presents in a poetic way the house that the architect Joao Filgueiras Lima, Lelé, designed in Brasília, in the early 70s.

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Women in Architecture

by Boris Noir 20’ Documentary I Switzerland

A film to inspire and encourage the position of women in our society.


A better built environment is also an inclusive one. That’s why diversity is key to our profession, as it expands our views of the world and connects us with the real needs of society. So we opened a window into the professional and personal lives of three women in architecture who bring something unique to the world, to inspire others.


We reached out to Toshiko Mori, Gabriela Carrillo and Johanna Meyer-Grohbrügge, three architects in three different countries, in different contexts, at different stages of their life and career, but with a lot in common: recognized practitioners, with a passion for education, working with communities, and a sensibility towards the needs of society and the built environment.



by Alexandra Leinweber 5’ Documantary United States  

This is the story of 269, one of the oldest buildings in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Featuring architects Laurie Hawkinson and Henry Smith-Miller. With a special interview with Pulitzer Prize winning author Jennifer Egan.

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by Tsz-wing HO 3’ Hong Kong

& MORE draws from the architecture of the M+ museum of Hong Kong. Our film challenges the definition of a museum by looking at it as an object itself. Through a geometric play of shapes and forms in the M+ building, we explore what underpins our material world.

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Archistars tales: Veneto

by Andrea Franchin 42’ Documantery Italy

The documentary is a journey through the best contemporary architecture by international architects, known as Archistars, in the Veneto region. The film shows, through the architects’ and the clients’ interviews, the Bolle Nardini by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas (a building for corporate use), Ca' delle Alzaie by Stefano Boeri (a building for residential use), the H-Farm Campus Library by Richard Rogers (an educational building) and tells how they have been inserted in their environmental context.

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