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 Architecture & Environment 

July 12

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by Katherine Knight, Anthony Von Seck  9’ Documentary Canada

An ethereal experience of light and weather unfolds within a temporary snow structure built on the frozen Nestaweya River Trail in Winnipeg Manitoba. Invited by 2023 Warming Huts: An Arts + Architecture Competition on Ice, artist Wanda Koop, designer Thom Fougere and a team of snow experts build a contemporary snow fort that functions as an experiential work of land art. Light and sound reflect and reverberate within a polar vortex at the geographical center of North America.

Photo 7 10_Filme_De_Volta_a_Cidade_no_Cinema_Batalha_com_exibicao_e_debate.jpg

Back to the City

by Sara Nunes 30’ Documentary Portugal

All inhabitants of the city of Porto have a history with "Bolhão", and the documentary ‘Back to the City’ (‘De Volta à Cidade’) made by Building Pictures, is the story of the Bolhão Market told by the architects (that renewed the material and immaterial heritage of the building), the team of Nuno Valentim (Architecture & Building Rehabilitation), and the vendors. With these stories and images, the documentary portrays the impact architecture can have on improving people's lives.

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Trudo Vertical Forest

by Stefano Santamato 16’ Documentary Italy

A direct descendant of the iconic building in Milan, the Trudo Vertical Forest in Eindhoven is the first tower in this series of buildings to be dedicated to Social Housing. The film recounts the design process that Stefano Boeri Architetti put in place with the desire to make accessible this architectural typology, whose character of "exclusivity" has always been - using the words of its designer himself - a "limitation "for both its diffusion and its success. The film gives voice to the rich team that created this urban, architectural and social experiment, and also to that of the young apartment tenants, who today inhabit this tower, which is unique on the international scene. They are the real protagonists of this journey.

Photo 8 Tacchini_Flock_-_Still_21.jpg

Formafantasma Tacchini Flock

by Filippo Raineri 12’ Documentary Italy

Formafantasma Tacchini Flock is the latest project produced by C41 for Tacchini, directed by Filippo Raineri. The project represents a collaboration between the renowned Italian brand and Formafantasma, a design studio that engages in research to understand the ecological, historical, political, and social influences that shape the current state of design. The documentary showcases the brand's novel sustainable production system, emphasizing the importance of circularity of materials as a means to achieve greater sustainability. Formafantasma Tacchini Flock made its debut during Milan Design Week 2023 as a component of the Tacchini FLOCK installation.

Photo 2 the_waiting_preview_still.jpg

The Waiting

by Voker Schlecht 15’ Documentary- Animation Germany

Karen Lips is researcher and lives for several years in a tiny little shack in Costa Rica to observe frogs. When she leaves the cloud forest for a short time and returns, the frogs are gone. All of them. Karen sets out to find them – and encounters a horrible truth.

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Fantasy in a concrete jungle

by Mehedi Mostafa 15’ Bangladesh

An essay film on an unplanned city, Dhaka, from the point of view of an off-screen architect. Traveling from the loud city to the silence of the village, he meets people, incidents and landscapes.

Photo 2 Lasombra_03.jpg

The Shadow of the Palm Trees

by Yesenia Novoa Rodriguez, Magali Rocha Donnadieu 15' Mexico

Like a postcard, the image of palm trees in Mexico City is the symbol of a withered dream. The death of more than 75% of the capital's palm trees is not circumstantial. Urban landscaping was seduced throughout the world by that tropical Californian paradise, which evoked sun, freedom and a comfortable life; we import a utopia, building appearances and selling status. The dead palm trees (Phoenix canariensis) of our city, victims of globalization, remind us of the failure of a policy of appearances. This short documentary explores the relationship between man and nature in large cities and provides a space that gives voice to the trees that surround us that, with their destruction, ask us, in a last breath, to tell their story to rethink our existence and the spaces we inhabit.


Drowning Fish

by Amir El-Shenawy 9' Egypt

Drowning Fish is a short documentary about one of the last few fishermen in Lake Qarun in Fayoum, Egypt. Samir, a 67-year-old fisherman, lives in Shakshouk village where the entire community depends on fishing as a key source of income. Over the years, the lake suffered from many pollution problems which made young fishermen in the village leave to coastal cities across Egypt while old fishermen live in memory of golden days of the lake. Through telling a simple story, the film sheds light on the consequences of damaging the ecosystem on the fishermen community in Egypt.

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