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July 10

Photo 3 TheCurrencySensing1Agbogbloshie_FilmStill-2_XizhuangVGBildkunst2023_WEB.jpg

The Currency - Sensing 1 Agbogblsohie

by Elom 20ce, Musquiqui Chihying, Gregor Kasper 16' Germany

A landscape of electronic equipment leftovers, embedded in biting clouds of smoke, burnt earth and dirty water. In Agbogbloshie - one of the world's largest e-waste recycling sites in the middle of Accra - they were dismantled and burnt in order to return their metals to the industrial recycling cycles.In between, an observer who, by means of acoustic field research, investigates this place as a contact zone of complex global economic, social, power-political and technological processes and questions this from a spiritual perspective.

Photo 3 Capture_decran_2022-12-23_a_11.39.18.jpg

No man is born to be stepped on

by Lucas Roxo, Narimane Baba-Aïssa 35' France

In the sertão, a desert region in northern Brazil, the vengeful spirit of a bandit of honor prowls. Died in 1938, Lampião took justice into his own hands in a territory exacerbated by agrarian conflicts. Following in his footsteps, we meet the men and women who rebel against the established order and claim to be his heirs today. By brandishing the memory of this popular hero, they resist the attempt of Jair Bolsonaro, ultraconservative president, to resurrect the fascist demons of Brazil.

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History is written at night

by Alejandro Alonso 20' Cuba

A huge blackout has plunged Cuba into darkness. In the streets, the inhabitants try to escape the gloom while the bonfires seem to announce the end of an era. Taking refuge inside our house, my mother tells me about a vision that has been tormenting her for years.

Photo 2 Capture_dcran_2023-11-03_135514.jpg

Hello Stranger

by Amélie Hardy 16' Canada

Between loads of laundry at the corner laundromat, Cooper shares the tumultuous story of her gender reassignment journey.

Photo 2 TORCIDOS_still_2.jpg


by Charlie García Villalba 13' Spain

Jorge Navas is a electronic music producer. He has been dedicating himself to it for a few years but every time he has more concerts. In his day to day he combines his passion with the difficulties of his cerebral palsy.

Photo 4 TCTB-Still-77.jpg

Then Comes The Body

by Jacob Krupnick 14' United States

THEN COMES THE BODY is a short documentary about underdogs, globalism, and dance. It starts with Daniel Ajala, a self-taught ballet dancer who discovers the European dance form in the American movie SAVE THE LAST DANCE. With no ballet schools in Nigeria, he opens Leap of Dance Academy in his front yard: humble, rigorous, and free to anyone with dedication.

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