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Fiction IIIII

July 10

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by Salomon Ligthelm 20' Ukraine

"Mother" tells the story of Vitaly Ivanov - a miner on the Ukraine/Russian border who discovers a ringing phone - and tragically so much more - in his backyard. "Mother" is based on the true-life story of the miners of Rozsypne, Ukraine who combed the fields in Donetsk to retrieve the bodies of the victims of the MH17 disaster.

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Lie With Me

by Melvin Mak 12' Singapore

As three guests arrive separately in a young woman’s desolate apartment, we watch her life slowly unfold. Tantalizing fragments, seemingly disconnected at first, begin to fall into place as we try to piece together her mysterious story. Infused with sensual longing and layered with unspoken desire, Lie With Me is a haunting story about the search for love, truth and identity.

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On Plains Of Larger River & Woodlands

by Miguel de Jesus 13' Portugal Ι Experimental


Sandy Bay, Tasmania. Inogen and Audrey navigate their lives in isolation. Finding ways to articulate their reality while feeding hopeless in a place that doesn't suit their young lives, On Plains of Larger River & Woodlands explores the natural and arcade landscape they occupy as foreboding clouds roll in on a brink of a post-apocalyptic existence

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Sojourn to


by Yihan Lin 19' China

A fashion commercial crew goes to shoot on the beach, only to discover that the installation built in advance has vanished due to the rising tide. Through the efforts of an art assistant, a drone flies out to search for the installation over the sea, while taking her into the unknown.

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I promise you paradise

by Morad Mostafa 26' Egypt

Following a violent incident; Eissa a 17 years old African migrant in Egypt is in a quest against time to save his loved ones whatever it takes.

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Area Boy

by Iggy London 18' United Kingdom

An aimless teenager, Eli, has moved to the outer edges of a provincial town with his mother. As he settles in, he tries to escape the bleakness of life, navigating questions of self-identity by balancing his time between his delinquent friends and the church community. Torn between two worlds, Eli must find himself and embrace who he truly is.

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