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Fiction IIIII

10 July

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Left On Our Own

by Akos Kovacs 27' Hungary

An elderly taxi driver, who happens to be a tireless storyteller, is a man of contradictions: a hopeless romantic and a crude observer of life who has lived through individual hardship and witnessed the despair of others. He doesn't hold back while roaming the streets of Budapest: the route to the destination leads through the labyrinth of his own memories and emotions, which his words conjure. Friends and strangers, cheap décor, lonely buildings, a life-long correspondence that encapsulates a relationship, numbing melodies from an ancient music box all swirl and blend in this film’s poetic vision. Sensitive writing and emotional cinematography draws the attention to small details, to personal hopes and everyday tragedies. A hypnotic, haunting and tranquil soundtrack gives eerily gentle force to the old man’s tales.

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Fluid Border

by Joana Vogdt 17' Germany

A political satire about the absurdity of borders

During the Cold War, Germany is divided into East and West. In the middle of a lake floating buoys mark the border between the two Republics. One night in 1980, a storm shifts one of the buoys. This forces the two opposing sides to join forces and reinstall the border, so they could be properly separated again. But two land surveyors throw their prejudices overboard and tear down their boundaries. 

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I Can See The Sun but I Can't Feel It Yet

by Joseph Wilson 18' United Kingdom

A nightmare in reverie: five young queer people are admitted into a clinic to undergo conversion therapy. Enduring several different and harrowing methods to change their sexual orientation and/or gender identity, the sterile space of abject trauma struggles to suppress the abundance and beauty of queer love.

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by Noam Sobovitz, Hila Salomon 21' Israel

Lior, 17 is a gentle boy from a religious settlement who will do anything to prove his masculinity to himself and everyone around him, even if the price is unbearable.

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by Mischa Hedinger, Michela Flück 14' Switzerland

A nameless man no longer manages to count further than six. A sequence of tragic-comic moments and strange encounters takes its course. Is the world slipping away from him? Loosely adapted from the famous work of the avant-garde poet Daniil Kharms (1905-1942), „Incidences“ tells of the search for solidarity in a strictly regulated world. The film translates Charms' absurd poetry into contemporary, ambiguous images. Behind the humor lies the despair over the destruction of the human condition that Charms himself experienced in the Soviet Union.

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