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Fiction IVII

11 July

Photo 7 cows.jpg

It Takes a Village...

by Ophelia Harutyunyan 23' Armenia

Mariam lives in an Armenian village where there are no men. On her birthday, her hopes of a reunited family are shattered, but she must put aside her own crushed dreams and help her friend Anush as she embarks into motherhood.

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by Lisa Enes 15' Norway

In everyday life we ​​meet people who are invisible to us, who are extras in our lives.

Mai Linn works as a porter at one of the biggest hospitals in Oslo, Norway. Due to extreme shyness, her colleagues hardly notice her and take her for granted. She feels that she is standing still, a bit like moss.

Territory .jpg


by Mette Carla Toft Albrechtsen 14' Denmark

Blanka 16, is both curious and disturbed when her two new step brothers move in. One afternoon she goes all in to provoke a reaction and to mark her territory.

Photo 3 4-STILL_Amor.jpg

À la vie à l'amor

by Emilie Mannering 15' Canada

Following a hard break up, Cesar feels nothing. On the day of his 30th birthday, he asks one thing and one thing only, from the people he meets: their testimonial on unconditional love in front of his camera. Throughout his interviews the young artist tries to understand a question that haunts him: how to love?

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The Bottle Opener

by Julien Dewitte 15' Belgium

Eric, an introverted bachelor, has been working at the same Belgian brewery for 20 years. While he wants to quit in order to break his routine, he realizes that he is the only one who can save the brewery by participating in a beer uncapping contest.

Photo 2 Edwardo_3.jpg

Sèt Lam

by Vincent Fontano 20' France

In an insular city’s ghetto, in the midst of a trance ritual, a young girl is paralysed by fear. She is afraid her loved ones may be hurt or even disappear. It is then that her grandmother tells her the strange tale of Edwardo, the first one of his kin to have seen and fought death. The child is captivated, feeling that there is a reason her grandmother is recounting this tale.

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