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Fiction IVII

July 11

Photo 1 NIGHTSHIFT_1.jpg

Night Shift

by Kayije Kagame, Hugo Radi 24' Switzerland

One night, an actor prepares to go on stage while a museum guard makes her rounds. Both of them gradually allow themselves to be permeated by these dormant institutions, on the sidelines of performances and exhibitions.



by Claire Patronik 20' France

Lost in the middle of the countryside, Siham is desperate in finding this damn party. In the back, Marguerite and Arthur, 15 and 8 years old, are determined to make her live a hell. In this rolling crisis cell, the tension goes crescendo. Elsewhere... in a gymnasium transformed into a meeting room, a mysterious gathering is holding.

Photo 1 PUN_INTENDED.jpg

Pun Intended

byby Jack Turits 20' Hungary 

A man hires strangers to mourn his late father. A room full of immigrants contend for citizenship. Five altruists compete to donate the most blood. Through these scenarios, “Pun Intended” explores the common cruelty behind our collective reality.



by Alessandro Stigliano 10' Sweden

A frustrated, underappreciated programmer is struggling to balance work and being father to a toddler. When his boss disrespects him once again in front of his colleagues, he finds a new way to channel all that built up rage - baking.

Photo 4 KafanaNaBalkanu_Still6_LeanderHartung.jpg_.jpg

Balkan, Baby

by Boris Gavrilović 19' Germany

Martina is a good immigrant. At least she's always done everything she can to be perceived as such in Germany. But then she meets the young Dunja during a short vacation at Lake Starnberg. Dunja is self-confident, non-conformist and, above all, she stands by her Yugoslavian and Balkan origins - unlike Martina. Suddenly, Martina is forced to confront a part of her identity that she has repressed all her life..

Photo 3 _Travelling_-_Faire_un_enfant_-_Eric_K_Boulianne_-_2.jpg

Making Babies

by Éric K. Boulianne 19' Canada

After many years together, a couple decides to have a baby. Throughout their relentless efforts, the partners try to maintain their love and unity. Making Babies is a minimalist comedy drama that takes a bittersweet look at a couple’s life, with its doubts, its challenges and its resilience.

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