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Fiction VII

12 July

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Please Hold the Line

by Tan Ce Ding 18' Malaysia

A young scam call operator is thrust into a moral dilemma as she navigates a life-changing situation.

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Steady Flow

by Anja Jovanović 10' Montenegro

On a hot summer afternoon, a young man takes a special girl out on a date. The evening takes an unexpected turn when he drives her to a secret location on the outskirts of the city.

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The Hand Over

by Pedro Díaz 24' Spain

Armando is 80 years old. An unknown trauma has prevented him from stepping outdoor for a decade. His only contact with the outside is through a rider who brings him the orders that his son manages from abroad. One day Armando receives something that will awaken in him old ghosts, fears and memories to face.

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Fix Anything

by Vien Lam Le 15' Viet Nam

“Fix anything” is a one-night adventure of Minh and his dad. Minh’s dad is a talented but poor repairman. Owning a small van, Minh’s dad drives around the city providing an instant repair service. He can fix anything! One night, Minh’s dad shows him a machine he has just created from scraps that he claims has the ability to erase memories. Minh’s dad wants to use this machine to erase the debt that he owes from his landlord and the troubles from his past. Minh is reluctantly dragged into all of this and this is where all the troubles start.

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The Strange Disappearance of Comrade Kuliakov

by Lucas Abrahão 20' Estonia

Two low-ranking USSR officers are sent to occupied Estonia on a mission to track down a Captain who apparently went insane after discovering a mysterious radio signal coming from the middle of nowhere.

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The Furniture

by Mehdi Pierret 15' Belgium

A contemporary art gallery organizes an exhibition presenting several art performances.

The cleaning lady Ilidia has trouble understanding the aim of such performances and gets irritated by the visitors' behaviors.

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