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Fiction VII


The Natural

by Charlie Rowe 12' United Kingdom

After a young actor's second terrible audition for a masterclass hosted by his theatrical hero, he follows her to a cafe in search of advice. Through the mishaps of their exchange, she imparts words of wisdom and leaves him wondering.


Bogotá Story

by Esteban Pedraza 15' Colombia

In 1992, as Colombia faces an era of drug violence, car bombs, and daily power outages, a young mother in Bogotá receives an internship opportunity in the US and eventually must decide between her dreams and her family.

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( Grasshoppers ) 

by Francesco Piras 18' Italy

In a small village in the heart of Sardinia, during a terrible invasion of locusts that are devouring everything, a farmer has to face the passing of the baton, from father to son, for the management of the sheepfold.

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Sucker's Death

by Krzysztof Grudziński 20' Poland

"Young," a member of a nationalist organization, resides in a quiet town with his solitary mother, leading a life oscillating between his workout routines at the gym and his job at a local store. The other members of his nationalist group castigate him due to his brother's homosexuality and his departure to Warsaw. One fateful day, "Young" is coerced through blackmail to place an explosive device at an upcoming LGBT rally in the capital. The twist in the tale emerges with the involvement of the young man's mother in the midst of this high-stakes situation. As "Young" confronts the dire decision before him, his loyalties and beliefs are put to the ultimate test.

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Mimi from Douarnenez

by Sébastien Betbeder 39' France

Mimi has always lived in Douarnenez (Brittany), near her friends and her widowed father. She is a simple young woman who takes life as it comes, even if sometimes life puts obstacles in her way. She works at the cinema Le Club. She was not supposed to, but tonight she has to welcome a young depressive director Gaspard Kermarec. He happens to come from the same town as her, and his film happens to be as depressing as himself.

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