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July 11

Photo 3 TM_HD_003.jpg

Extremely Short

by Koji Yamamura 5’ Animation

A man who was looking for the shortest thing in Tokyo uttered the word "da" at the last moment of his life. This work, produced as the first installment of the “Bungaku Bideo” collaboration project between contemporary Japanese literature and animation, is a recitation of “Totemo mijikai,” an original work by Hideo Furukawa, by the author himself, and Koji Yamamura handled the animation.

Photo 3 CF074377.jpg


 by Kenji Kawahara 20’ Fiction

"Takako", she lives with her boyfriend "Akira" in Tokyo while dreaming of a vague kind of happiness. One summer day, they go out for an annual Furin(Japanese wind Bell) Festival taking place at a Temple where she gets an Edo-Furin in red. Takako will gradually be healed by gentle tone of the Furin. When a gentle wind blows, she is taking a step into her future…

Photo 4 _DSC04799.jpg

Waiting for a Wave

by Kaori Danjo 30’ Fiction

A story about a lonely elderly man regaining his impulses and freedom.

Photo 2 4.jpg

Cosmos on the alley

by 憲和 小田 19’ Fiction

 Rinka Asano is a social media influencer. Daily streaming and posting tie up posts with corporations. She is asked her type by male fans in daily streams, and when she posts her outing photos, her fans assert that she went out with a man. However, in contrast to that, Rinka had a girlfriend named Sae Maruyama.

Photo 5 Ao_to_Shiro_005.jpg

Blue and White

 by Hiroyuki Nishiyama 27’ Fiction

Ryusuke, a craftsman who lost his beloved wife, continues making salt even on the day of her farewell funeral. His granddaughter Midori, who sees him devote himself to salt making even at such a time, asks him about his true intentions. He believes that his mission is to continue to make salt that can only be made in this land and to preserve its history. He is trying to preserve the taste of salt from ancient times for future generations. Midori continues to watch him. Facing the salt, He feels as if he is there with his late wife.

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