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International 1 [ Trailer ]

International 1 [ Trailer ]

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Mars Colony

by Noel Fuzellier 34:30 France

Logan, 16, is a troubled teenager. Only his sci-fi dreams of a better life on Mars can rescue him from his gloomy everyday life, filled with conflict both at home and at school, where he's labeled a bully. One strange night he receives a visit from a mysterious man who swears to come from the future and to be Logan's future-self, 40 years older. The man asks him to accomplish a shockingly important mission: to save humanity.

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by Rim Nakhli 14:54 Tunisia

 Nour and Adem set off in search of their father ,they have not seen him for a long time. With a hope of the children to see it they cross the city to arrive at the appointment place but he don't come.

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Gusts of wild life

by Jorge Cantos 24:00 Spain

It is said he has someone locked up. People have seen him looking over from the other side of the fence. That kid will disappear any day.


A Trip to Heaven

by Linh Duong 15:00 Viet Nam

During a peculiar tour bus to Mekong Delta, 50-year-old Mdm.Tam bumps into her high school sweetheart. She's hopeful for a chance of reconciliation, but maybe he's not.



by Vytaustas Estonia 11:00 Lithuania

It’s a story of two childhood friends who are spending last days in places where they grow up. This is how they are trying to postpone their farewell to district which is changing

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Extra Flavour

by Carlos Abascal  Peiró  8:30 France

Joachim is a very average man in his sixties. But he hides an obsession... or even two to be precise. He can't help but stare at the men who go to the gym across the street from his house while he devours pickles. When a new jar, "easy opening" won't open, his world turns upside down!

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