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The poetic “I Can See The Sun but I Can't Feel It Yet” directed by activist - queer artist and drag performer from East London Joseph Wilson introduced to us by Marina Abramović “ His work explores LGBTQ+ narratives, drawing inspiration from his own experiences, as well as documenting the people and places around him, amplifying their voices and celebrating their stories through his art”

Our Males and Females

by Ahmad Alyaseer


"What inspired us to write the film is Bushi, a trans woman from the Arab region. Her story was extremely moving. Bushi spent her entire life seeking the approval and acceptance of her family, friends and the wider community. Although she received legal approval to transition, she was never able to receive official gender recognition, which increased her vulnerability to systemic discrimination. We wondered what would happen to a transgender person after they die? Would discrimination and non-acceptance still prevail?” says the director.


The tender and human fiction short film "The Cutest and Funniest Animals in the World" directed by the Brazilian Renato Sircilli. The film combines the director's previous research into the ways technology mediates relationships with a desire to work with characters much older than himself. The film "makes love" to bodies that are usually not given the possibility of libido or love. Far from being exotic, they are common, close, able to create attraction for each other

Play House 

by Xinyi Cao 


“in the sex industry, there is no shortage of role playing and body renting, which makes me think about the line between truth and lies in our daily lives and the impact that the family has left. The protagonists find themselves in the gap between truth and fiction in this family role-playing game. Sometimes they are themselves, sometimes they are forced to act like a wife and daughter. Under the division, their original utopian relationship erodes. Through this "playhouse", I hope we could ask ourselves: is this patriarchal family happiness? Or, is the line becoming blurred and inconsequential nowadays?"

director Xinyi Cao says about the unconventional feminist film from China.

Christopher at Sea

by Tom CJ Brown 


“Christopher at Sea” is an animated short film a transatlantic co-production between Psyop, Miyu Productions and Temple Carrington & Brown directed by Tom CJ Brown. The 20-minute short is a queer drama about identity and self-discovery and premiered at the Venice Film Festival, where it was nominated for the Venice Horizons Award. The film has been screened at several international film festivals, receiving accolades while being nominated at the 95th Academy Awards among eligible films in the Best Animated Short Film category.


“The film uses melodramatic realism to explore the protagonist's inner turmoil and longing against the backdrop of a monotonous sea voyage, creating tension between the real and a heightened version of the real to heighten emotions – just like opera, which plays a sonic role in the film." explains the director Feeling that he had the melodrama down but hoping for more realism, Brown persuaded production company Psyop to book him as a passenger on a cargo ship for a research voyage, traveling 21 days from Southampton to New York. "Probably one of the worst experiences of my life," says Brown. "But watching the sunset in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and hearing the prelude to Act 3 of 'La Traviata' is an atmosphere, and the trip provides a wealth of required experiences and reference images for the play." The


British director made his debut in 2007, winning a Sundance Short Filmmaking Award with the animated short T.O.M.. He later won a dozen festival awards, from AFI Fest to SXSW, with the 2015 animated comedy short Teeth .

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